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Pretend Prusa Firmware / Re: D9 MK2 400 factory issues
« on: May 20, 2020, 06:40:18 AM »
Some more experiments:

) I found out that there are some crazy acceleration moves on short distances and exaggerated corners since I updated to 2.0. Turned out junction deviation is the culprit, which I've reset to traditional jerk in the FW.
) This also comes in favor for linear advance (looks like these 2 features don't go well together) which I have enabled too now. Since this uses a bit more RAM I disabled SD-card support just to be on the safe side (using 73%).

So in case anybody wants exactly my settings for some reason, I've uploaded the current FW. Settings are:

* D9 MK2 400 factory
* linear advance enabled
* junction deviation disabled
* jerk enabled
* SD-support disabled
* filament runout detection disabled
* E-steps and speed for original bondtech (415 and 30mm/s)
* Max bed temperature is 130C now (I wouldn't use it that high though; seems the bed surface doesn't go beyond 90C anyways)
* slowed down Z speed a bit (it scares me when the extruder approaches the print bed on full speed)
* lower acceleration values for X/Y

Pretend Prusa Firmware / Re: D9 MK2 400 factory issues
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:00:00 AM »
Ok, some more days in use and some more issues:

) FW settings seem to reset randomly (had this happen twice within about 2 weeks). This is quite critical. This never happened on stock FW.
) Bed temperature is limited to 100C; original FW allows for 120C IIRC.
) auto bed leveling seems to do some strange unnecessary steps like heating bed and extruder after calibration has finished.

Maybe the confusion refers to the "upgrade" and "factory" in the filenames. You have to use the upgrade file when you have a MK1 that you have upgraded to an MK2. "factory" would then be the file to use when you already bought the printer as MK2.

Pretend Prusa Firmware / D9 MK2 400 factory issues
« on: May 09, 2020, 04:07:48 PM »

here are some issues I faced when installing the waggster FW on my Duplicator D9 MK2 400 (factory):

# different Baudrate
Right after flashing the mainboard I failed to connect with octoprint. Turned out the Baudrate has changed to 250000.

# unable to flash LCD
I was precisely following every step of the guide but still was unable to get the LCD recognizing my SD card. Turned out it was expecting a CONFIG.txt which isn't present in the pre-built waggster FW. I just used the one from here ( ) and finally the LCD FW got uploaded. It seems to work without this file for everyone else... so I don't know exactly what's going on here.

# Y-axis reversed
When I move the bed via LCD control, the bed goes the wrong direction. It's no issue on prints though.

# SD-refresh needs reboot
Waggster already mentioned this one. I'm just confirming it. When having the printer on USB you also have to disconnect the USB cable which makes this a bit annoying.

# Filament runout stops print
By default filament run-out detection seems to be enabled, despite the absence of such on the D9. When printing from SD card this seems to get ignored but when I start from octoprint, the printer displays some generic warning and octoprint disconnects with an error message. Following commands fixed this issue:
M412 S0

# linear advance disabled by default
Seems the one reason for which I updated the FW is not available. M900 gives back "unknown command" and so I guess I'll have to compile it on my own.

So all in all this really is some very useable piece of FW with no major bugs. Thanks waggster for your efforts!

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